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Dear Prospective Michaelis Parent,

Choosing a school for your child is not always an easy task.  There are many factors that play a role in your choice, one of them probably being your own junior school experience. 
Michaelis, like many schools, is unique but we are fortunate to be the only one of our kind in this area!  Although today Michaelis Private School teaches in English and welcomes children from all backgrounds, our roots were founded in a rich German heritage. This German culture is still passed on to every single learner, together with our strong Christian values.

Michaelis has always had a family feel, a home away from home, as we endeavour to understand each individual learner's needs and bring their talents to the fore.  We understand that no two children are the same and encourage them to stand out and embrace their uniqueness, to take the road less traveled and to shine!  We aim to challenge our learners and to extend them to reach their full potential.

Michaelis Private School's motto is "Mutig Voran" meaning "Moving Forward Courageously" and this is exactly what we strive to teach each child that passes through our move courageously into the future!

I invite you to please come and visit us, to see for yourself what an incredible start in life you would be giving your child.

Yours sincerely,
Marion Gaskell


School Policies are available from Michaelis Private School's Office.

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