Although today Michaelis Private School teaches in English and welcomes children from all backgrounds, our roots were founded in a strong German heritage. 

The idea of beginning a German school came to light in the sixties, when the pastor at the time felt that the children did not completely understand his religion classes, therefore losing understanding of the true life of the congregation. This in turn resulted in the diminishing numbers of the congregation and it was decided that something had to be done! Parents met to discuss the possibility of a school and they felt that if a German school were to open their children would benefit in many ways. The parents’ vision was to create a school which would instruct their children in German, their mother tongue, so that they may have a greater understanding of their religion as well as building their characters, developing their emotions and ability to reason.


With the help of the German Federal Government, Michaelis Schule opened in the January of 1964 with only nine students. In the first few years, only approximately 60% of the congregation’s children attended the school. Others only came after the scholars of Michaelis Schule proved themselves in high schools, and the little German school began getting some recognition. The teachers and principal of Michaelis Schule noticed with great excitement how their hard work and dedication was paying off, as students were achieving very good results in high schools. From 1964 - 2008 the school grew from only nine pupils to 81 pupils.


In 2006 however, steps had to be taken to increase numbers. Pupil numbers had begun to dwindle due to families moving away and also due to almost no growth amongst the German community, this in turn impacted on the finances of the school. After the April holidays of 2006, Michaelis opened its doors to English students, thereby beginning an English medium section. Throughout the 50 years of the school’s existence the defining features, vision and mission of the school have remained:A willingness to serve others flowing from an appreciation of the word of God and deep commitment in Christ.Teaching pupils the German language. Building their character, developing their emotional intelligence and ability to reason.