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At Michaelis Private School we firmly believe that your child’s HAPPINESS comes first!  If we have happy children not only do we have happy parents, but happiness is very conducive to learning.  A happy child will learn new concepts with ease and also remember them, unlike a child who is struggling emotionally.

So….you are probably thinking: 


  • Michaelis is fortunate to have small classes, thus enabling individual attention.  These small classes also mean that your child’s teacher knows every child on a personal level and we are extremely blessed with a wonderful staff that truly cares and goes above and beyond to ensure your child’s happiness.

  • We have a play therapist on our team that spends one day a week here to work exclusively with Michaelis children.

  • The Head has an open door policy.  The children may knock on her door at ANY time to discuss things that bother them or maybe even to tell her some exciting news.  She CARES and is genuinely interested in how every one of them is doing!

  • She also has a post box outside her office where children can post letters expressing their concerns, needs or even joys.  She then spends one on one time chatting with these children and finding solutions to their problems.  She has found this to be a wonderful tool, as things that worry our little people and keep them up at night mostly have such simple solutions.  

  • The bottom line is…that Michaelis teachers truly care and if we have caring teachers, the children feel HEARD, the children feel LOVED and the children are HAPPY! 



  • Michaelis has always been known for good quality education and the proof is in the pudding really…our kids go on to excel in high school, becoming top students and even DUX learners, they obtain bursaries and soar in university and beyond.

  • Michaelis instils a love of LIFELONG learning and we certainly prepare our learners well for the future.

  • We teach them to SEEK, to STRIVE and to SOAR to greatness!

  • We are affiliated with IEB and ISASA and are fully accredited by UMALUSI.  Our Grade 7’s write the IEB MATCH assessment, which stands for Measuring Abilities and Thinking Competencies for High School, and our Grade 6 class writes the IEB Core Skills Test annually.

  • The Grade 7 learners will also be writing SAT’s at the end of the year which are the Standardised Assessment Tasks set by ISASA…the Independent Schools Association of South Africa.

  • Taking part in these outside assessments provides us with the opportunity of keeping on par with other private schools in the country.  These assessments also make the transition from Michaelis to an Independent High School a very easy one!

  • We are in the only THINKING SCHOOL in the area and this is definitely the way for the future.  A thinking school develops resourceful, critical and collaborative thinking strategies.  It is all about nurturing that Growth Mind-Set in our school, embracing challenges and continually striving to improve.  TSSA (Thinking School South Africa) is inspired by Exeter University’s Thinking Schools framework and Harvard University’s Thinking Culture.  We have come to the realisation that merely memorising the content of subjects is no longer enough to achieve academically or in life.  Therefore, we have decided to take this new approach and become a THINKING SCHOOL!



  • Being a Private School, we are able to begin our morning with Religious Education.  This is very important at Michaelis, as Christianity is the root and foundation of our school.

  • Although we follow the CAPS curriculum, we are a Independent School and this is to our advantage!  We are able to add in extra concepts and omit those that are not serving much of a purpose.  We regularly meet with other private schools in the country to ensure that we are all on the same track.

  • We have some added features to our curriculum in terms of the German language, recorder and drama.  Every child takes German as a subject; they all learn to play the recorder enabling them to read music and all the children take part in an exciting play production annually.



  • We have quite a full sports programme offering the following:

    • Swimming, Athletics, Hockey, Cricket and Tennis.

    • We have fantastic coaches on board at the moment and are very excited for the future of our sport!



  • We have an aftercare facility both at the Kindergarten and at school, this runs until 5 pm Monday – Friday.

Michaelis Private School is a registered IEB school, and is part of the Primary Schools Initiative. The Primary Schools Initiative aims to broaden the awareness of the importance of good teaching and assessment practices at primary school level. It wishes to establish a strong collaborative network of primary school educators who are fully conversant with local and global trends, developments and standards and to assist primary school teachers in embedding these in their daily classroom interactions with learners.

Our school is proud to be a member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa.  The Independent Quality Assurance Agency evaluates the teaching and learning in our school every 5 years. This evaluation is a thorough and intense process ensuring our high quality education.

Michaelis Private School is also accredited by Umalusi.  Umalusi is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.  They are an official body that accredits private providers to offer particular qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) at levels 1-4.  

All of this said,

Michaelis is certainly THE  value for money private school in the Vryheid area! 

Invest in your child's future...


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