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Michaelis Private School is a co-educational Christian school, providing pre-primary and primary education through the mediums of English, with German and Afrikaans as additional language. Michaelis Private School is a small school creating a climate, conducive to learning and the holistic development of each learner.  Active communication and collaboration between the parents and the school is maintained at all times.

Our goal is to provide our children with a unique and superior education, which includes:

  • Developing a love of lifelong learning

  • A willingness to serve and respect others flowing from an appreciation of the Word of God and a deep commitment in Christ

  • Nurturing and developing each child as an individual

Our vision is:

  • To uphold and nurture our Christian and moral values at all school related activities.

  • To develop each individual child to their full potential through quality education, encompassing,  academics, cultural, sport, social and moral development.  To bring to the fore every child’s strengths and to nurture and develop these to their full potential.

  • To  equip each child with the necessary tools to develop their emotional and social intelligence, leading to the overall wellbeing of the child.

  • To instill an appreciation and pride for the value that the German culture, language and traditions hold.

  • To encourage parent involvement, participation and ownership, as it is critical to the success of our unique Michaelis Family.

  • To produce the future leaders, thinkers and creators of our country.

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